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A Look at Marketing by Angel Rodriguez, Endeavour Consulting
What's this all about?.

A Look at Marketing

by Angel Rodriguez

Wed 5th October 2016

9.00am - 4.00pm

Venue to be confirmed

Truro. NS

This entertaining and educational workshop starts with a lighthearted look at marketing material we encounter every day.


We will be asking do any of these actually work? Why are some more successful than others? Perhaps more importantly we ask would any of the examples work for you?


The workshop then takes on a more interactive format, focusing on translating marketing strategies indentified earlier into action for your business. We will analyse something we all buy, assessing the features and benefits - and then figure out how best we could market it!


The objective of this workshop is to investigate which options make your marketing work harder than ever. Marketing can, and should be, quantifiable.

This workshop is designed to help ensure yours is.

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