Email Status

20 January 2021

There is a problem with e-mails being sent to anyone with a Yahoo account. Yahoo is actively blocking e-mails from certain gateways a server uses to send e-mail and the company Endeavour Consulting uses is suffering from this problem.

You will have experienced this problem only if you received an ‘ Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender” notification. All other services are functioning as they should. You will have intermittent success / fail when sending to anyone with a Yahoo address from any of the e-mail accounts provided by Endeavour Consulting.

To avoid this problem an alternative to the Yahoo e-mail means you can send e-mails from any Endeavour Consulting provided e-mail. To continue sending to their Yahoo e-mail you will need a different e-mail account not provided to you by Endeavour Consulting.

*****Update - Endeavour is changing the service provider to resolve this problem. You will be contacted soon for when your account is scheduled to be upgrade to the new service.

Angel Rodriguez