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During Endeavour Consulting workshops, presentations, client meetings or general conversations reference is often made to well respected authors, business Professors, blogs, websites, successful business owners and others. In order for you to explore in more detail and ensure appropriate recognition is given to the original authors of this information the following links are provided for you to consider, in no particular order. The summary is my view, should that help any.



Strategy - Harvard Business Essentials

One of the books in the Harvard Business Essentials series. This book looks at strategy as making sure you are both "doing the right things" and then "doing things right." Written in a easy to read style and complete with tools such a SWOT analysis template and links to other resources. Harder to find some of the others in the series but worth searching for.

Purple Cow - Seth Godin

Internationally recognised as one of the most influencial marketers of our time, Seth Godin has an engaging style and a very thought provoking collection of ideas. This book is a convincing tale of why we all need to be remarkable or risk not being noticed at all. A great read and if you like the style his long standing daily BLOG is something worth reading often for inspiration and enjoyment.

Persuasion - James Borg

A must have on your business book shelf. Probably one of the most revisited books in my collection - and often given to friends and colleagues. It is about the art of influencing people and one of the only books you will ever need on this subject matter......that should pursuade you to buy a copy!

Working with Emotional Intelligence - Daniel Goleman

This is the follow on from his initial book Emotional Intelligence and better with regards to the subject matter I cover and mention occasionally in workshops. A convincing stance on why this is the commodity we need for the future and equally a powerful argument on why we need to be competent with Emotional Intelligence if we are to succeed.

Positioning - Jack Trout & Al Ries

Essentially this classic book is about communication in an over communicated world, or as they call it "the assault on the mind". It stresses the importance of winning your mind and keeping things simple. Positioning is about how to go about doing just that. If you are interested in marketing strategy these are well respected authors in this field.

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