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Stop Selling a Product or Service by Angel Rodriguez, Endeavour Consulting

Stop Selling a Product or Service

by Angel Rodriguez

Selling a product or service for an appropriate profit is fundamental for the success of any business, but it does nothing to achieve this objective by describing yourself this way. Average salespeople frequently say they are in the business of “selling” something, yet nobody likes being sold to. Worse still, they describe what they have to offer as merely a “product” or “service”, something nobody is interested in. By doing this they effectively align themselves, and their business, with literally millions of other average salespeople. Average salespeople are not alone. Brochures, websites or advertisements are just as guilty, regularly using this ineffective and ordinary vocabulary.


Eventually, every business needs to communicate what they have to offer through words. In fact your entire business centres on words to get your message across. People take the words you use to describe your business and use them to form a mental image of what it may be like doing business with you. By carefully choosing your vocabulary, you create a positive mental image in the minds of others and will probably generate more sales. Words are your single most effective sales tool and significantly influence the final outcome… sale or no sale. Using creative vocabulary will ensure a powerful image and emotional connection with your business, building an unforgettable perception others have of you. One that will stay with people long after the marketing is over and leaves them wanting more. It all starts with the vocabulary you choose.


So how do you select the vocabulary that best describes your product or service?


Consider the vocabulary your happiest customers might use to describe you. Even better, why not ask them? Listen for and pay particular attention to the emotional and logical content, the justification for the purchase or exactly how their problem was solved by your business. This will start to describe the features, advantages and benefits of greatest value to them. This new vocabulary can be used to create marketing tactics that will generate interest and attract attention to you, away from the ordinary product or service millions of other average salespeople are trying to sell.

Now ask yourself this question. Does your vocabulary describe your business as offering more than merely a product or service, and if so, is it being marketed in the most effective manner possible?


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